The Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIICCSRTE)

DIICCSRTE is the major sponsor of the 3-M centre under the scheme of Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF). It supports strategic science and research collaboration of mutual benefit to Australia and China, specifically to build critical mass in areas of strategic priority, establish enduring partnerships and respond to the distinctive nature of the Australia-China relationship. Joint Research Centres (JRC) is a visual centre linked to Australian and Chinese research institutions. It conducts a portfolio of research related activities which aim to facilitate a concentration of effort and outcomes expected to exceed any results derived from individual research projects. JRC achieves application and commercialisation of its research outcomes which in turn brings together leading institutions in Australia who are working in particular research with Chinese partnerships to achieve economic, environment and social benefits for both countries.

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Other Sponsors

Office of Science and Research, The Department of Trade and Investment, regional Infrastructure and Services, New South Wales

University of New South Wales

Cash Contributions

We welcome sponsorships in different types from the Government, institutions and industries, and believe this is the most effective way to maintain this Centre beyond the term of the above funding.

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