Centre Structure

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  • Prof. Aibing Yu, Federation Fellow and Scientia Professor, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia.
  • Prof. Zhiling Tian, Vice President (CEO), China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group.

  • Advisory Board:
  • Membership: mainly composed of academicians (China) and academic fellows (Australia), with Dr John Burgess (formerly, Vice President - Technology and Environment, BHP-Billiton) and Prof. Yong Gan (Vice President, Chinese Academy of Engineering) as co-chairs.
  • Key function: provide strategic guidelines to the Centre and its directors, and approve (or reject) recommendations from the Centre.

  • Technical Committee:
  • Membership: mainly composed of representative researchers from different organisations, co-chaired by Dr C Drummond, Group Executive - Manufacturing, Materials and Minerals, CSIRO) and Prof. J.H. Li (Vice President, Chinese Academy of Sciences).
  • Key function: assess proposals for Centre activities and provide recommendations to AC.

  • Research Programs / Clusters:
  • Research programs: Three programs or groups will be formed in Mineral, Metallurgy, and Materials, respectively.
  • Memberships: For this application, only key or representative researchers from Australia and China are listed, mainly including Academicians/Fellows and leaders of a research centre or lab. Now the Centre is established, researchers in related working areas are all welcome to join in. Please look at the membership.

  • Administrative team in Australia:
  • Director (Professor Aibing Yu) and his Personal Assistant (Ms Angela Bradburn).
  • Deputy Director (Professor Sean Li).
  • Manager (Dr. Yansong Shen).

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